Yesterday's tools and methods are being left behind. The era of openness, transparency and clarity also calls for personalized solutions. We know that you want to be prioritized, you want to make sure that you are paid special attention. While your operation is running smoothly, you want to focus more on developing your core business. While following the service you receive at an advantageous cost with peace of mind, you would like to feel the peace of this privilege. Now, with Akca Logistics, your era begins like never before.


To produce traceable, transparent, sustainable logistics services that act as a solution partner of its customers and put their needs at the center of its business.




Warehouse Management

With more than 350,000 m2 of storage capacity, we provide traceable, sustainable service with stock, order preparation and shipment KPIs in accordance with the demands of the customer.

Domestic Distribution

We serve with our expert staff and infrastructure on LTL, pallet, under pallet and parcel delivery all over Turkey.

Micro Distribution

The products are taken from our customers' warehouses, production facilities, or are dispatched from our warehouses and carefully delivered to all the points demanded by our customers throughout Turkey. With our logistics solution partnership that we offer to many brands, regardless of the sector, we work with a dedicated working principle for the needs of our customers.

E-Commerce Solutions

We have established "real time" and comprehensive integrations with all of Turkey's leading marketplaces, enabling our customers to focus on their products, pricing and campaigns, and ensuring that their logistics needs are managed in safe hands.

Value Adding Solutions

We provide value-added services in our warehouses and warehouses in line with the needs of our customers. The value-added services offered in logistics applications help you to fulfill your needs from the beginning to the end of the supply process.


Through the Eyes of Our Business Partners
Akca Logistics

We have warehouse & transportation operations that we carry out together with Akca Logistics in many of our facilities. In our long-standing relationship since its foundation, their management approach that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront and their sensitivity to performance criteria are the most prominent features that we, as their customers, highly appreciate.

Bulent Colak

Bulent Colak

Logistics Director - Yıldız Holding - Pladis

We are in fully integrated cooperation with Akca Logistics in custom bonded/unbonded warehousing and transportation for the last 3 years. Thanks to their efforts, our logistics operations are run smoothly and without any major problem. Akca Logistics' reliable and professional service approach enables us to focus on our core business without having any concern about our logistics operations.

Emin Ergan

Emin Ergan

General Manager - JRS Rettenmaier Turkey

Throughout our ongoing partnership, they have been successful in reducing shipping and warehousing complaints. The most important features that distinguish them from other companies are that they have strong written and verbal communication skills and are always accessible. With their relationship management based on trust, they make a difference with their proactive structures that work as a part of our company beyond business partnership. In a challenging and stressful working environment, they ensure that our processes move faster with the cooperation they create.

Tugce Tugrul

Tugce Tugrul

Supply Chain Manager - Elleair International Turkey

Warehouse selection is a very critical decision. You cannot entrust your property to everyone. The wrong decision can cost you both your property and your job. We have been working with Akca for 10 years, I don't remember having even a slightest problem.

Ozan Kadirbeyoglu

Ozan Kadirbeyoglu

General Manager - Operaistanbul

Akca Logistics is a companion that takes into account the demands of its customers and makes every effort to produce solutions according to their needs. They make you feel the comfort of working with them.

Murat Dogan

Murat Dogan

Logistics Manager - Ak Gıda - İçim Süt

We are extremely happy to be a business partner with Akca Logistics, which has been smoothly maintaining our logistics operations we were afraid to entrust due to our wide variety of products. We just produce and sell and leave the rest to them.

Selman Yar

Selman Yar

General Manager - Bambum